SOPs for Life – An Introverts Guide to Meetings

If you are an introvert you’ve probably endured many meetings that have gone something like this: Extrovert A: “According to these projections we are on track.” Introvert: “But what abou…” Extrovert B: “No that’s all wrong because {{blah blah blah}}.” Introvert: “Yeah bu…” Extrovert C: “No no no you all are wrong!” Introvert: “That’s what […]

SOPs for Life – An Introverts Guide to Celebration

“I’m going to give them a high five… oh wait… this might be a fist bump moment. Or not? Just shout hooray maybe?” Every introvert has this dilemma on a regular basis, but there is a solution. I present to you all of the essential standard operating procedures (SOPs) for life. High Fives These are […]